Selectors i SAP after upgrading Studio to version 2020.4.3

Hi! I can no longer find selectors in SAP after upgrading Studio to version 2020.4.3. In indicate element on screen the entire window is selected rather than just the one field I want to choose. SAP scripting is enabled and it works fine on previous versions of Studio.

Any ideas?

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Hi @andreaslodve.rishaug

Please ensure, that the SAP scripting is properly enabled

From 2020.4 version, the default identification framework is SAP scripting.

All selectors should have inside a tag “SAP ID”

Best regards, Lev

Hi. Thank you for replying. We have checked the configuration steps and nothing seems to be wrong. Any other ideas?

HI @andreaslodve.rishaug

Please use UiExplorer and show me the screenshot, when you want to select some element in SAP

Best regards, Lev


Is this what you mean?

I mean UI Explorer

Cant find any of the boxes in UI Explorer:

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Hi @andreaslodve.rishaug,

Try re-starting UiPath application.


Hi @Pradeep_Shiv

We’ve tried restarting UiPath several times. It doesn’t seem to help.

Here is the difference between my screen (SAP scripting enabled) and your screen.

Please investigate further on SAP settings as mentioned above

Can you show us your SAP selectors from your the previous automation, what you did before an upgrade?

Go to UiPath Studio and give us some screenshots with Selectors from some activities

Hi. Found the solution to our problem. We had overlooked one of the modal dialogbox settings. Thank you for your advice.

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