SAP screen grabbing issue

Hello all,

I am automating SAP Logon 750 application. There are multiple systems within that and the click and data fetching methods need to be dynamic. i tries several activities like click, get visible text, get text, click text, etc but no luck in stability. I am working only with SU01 tcode. i have enabled scripting on both the sides. i even enabled that in RZ11. i have changed theme to sap signature theme from blue crystal theme to enable scripting and accessibility. Hotkeys are not working. Screen layouts are also different.selectors are also changing. i tried making that dynamic but there is no such attribute in that which i can change. How can i proceed? anyone who faced this issue? Please help.


Hey @mannu.1996.08 may you can give us a screenshot which element you want to interact with and what selector you are using.

i have uploaded the images of the sap screen. I need to click on logon data tab. then i need to fetch date from valid to and valid through box. I have to click on that glass icon and lock buttons etc. These are not that stable. sap buttons sap data fetch sap difference 1

example : in case of clicking on logon data tab you can see in some system it is appearing at third position in some case at second.

- this is the selector i am getting for one system for logon data tab. - this is what i am getting in another system.

ok, thanks. At first did you checked the new SAP activities from UiPath?

So for the tabs, try selecting them via the “Select Item” activity. Otherwise you can go with “Click Text” for the tabs.

For the glass and lock icon try using the Acitivity “Click Toolbar Button” of the SAP Activities. Or check if there is a hotkey short cut available for these buttons.

For the valid fields a normal “Get Text” should be fine.

Ah but i think i got your problem. You are performing the same process on several SAP systems? Then i think you have to create a own selector for each system. Try using regex selectors and just put in there the several possibilities of selectors that can appear. E.g. A button in german language has the aaname=‘Ja’. in english it is aaname=‘Yes’. Then you can use a regex selector like that: aaname=‘Ja|Yes’ matching:aaname=‘regex’


hotkey shortcut is there . F7 . but through send hotkey it is not working.
Do i need to install a separate package for new SAP activities?

yes you got it right. I am performing same process on several sap systems. i am not getting aaname attribute in selectors. how can i do that?

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Can you show me how you send the hotkey F7? Which acitivity and which selector? Usually i send hotkeys for such buttons to the whole window.

you can use regex selectors for many other paramters in your selector. Just check the selector of the same field in both sap systems. Check what paramter is different and combine it in a regex selector with “|”. Thats like an “or”. E.g. you can find “Yes” or you can find “Ja”.

Maybe you can just send the exact selectors you are using.

For the SAP Activities you have to update your UiAutomationActivities package to 20.4.1 or above

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i have changed the approach now. I am using SAP table to fetch values as the layout will be the same there for all the systems. But when i am fetching the field’s value it is taking the selector’s value for the whole table. any idea how can i modify that ?

sorry didn’t get you. Can you send a screenshot of the table, activity, value and selector you are using?


i am using get attribute activity. i am attaching the screenshot of the atble , value and selector i am using.
SAP Table SAP Table 1

@schwarzpSAP activity

Why you don’t use the Geht Text Activity?

Furthermore i think your selector is not stable at all. Open it in UiExplorer and Check for something like tableRow and tableColumn. Only with that you will get the value of a specific cell. Otherwise i can recommend using Data scraping to read Out a while Data table. For a few tables in SAP its not working, but you can give it a try.

Or Check if there is a export to Excel functionality. Export it to a Excel File and read it as Data table from there.


@this is the kind of selector i am getting in ui explorere. no table no column row.
i will try once with data scraping and reading it from the excel sheet.

@schwarzp I tried with data scraping but no luck. it is showing that the control does not support data scraping. then i tried with relative scraping and screen scraping. in screen scraping the selector is getting changed from



in case of relative scraping it is unstable. not working for all the systems.
can you explain me what is export to excel that you have suggested above?

In SAP there is often the possibility to export a data table to an excel file. For example this button:


yes. i tried with this one. currently i am using SAP table to fetch the value which will be same for all the systems. hope it works as it would be easier if it doesn’t work then i will go with excel export solution.

Thank you for your guidance :slight_smile: