Unabled to "generate" SAP Selectors with "Indicate on screen" or UIExplorer

Hello everyone,

I’m facing a strenge issue with SAP scripting in UIPath (2018.3)
When I’m using Click activity “Indicate element inside window” in SAP menu I’m not able to select a menu item.

But several weeks ago and I ingore how, I was able to do it.

And it get this selector :
<wnd aaname='Autres fonctions' app='saplgpad.exe' cls='#32768' />
<ctrl name='Autres fonctions' role='popup menu' />
<ctrl automationid='1008' />

And generate this action :

Note, if I copy paste the selector in a new project, it’s working. But this “copy/paste” action is the only way to configure the click action.

Why there’s some time some selectors not available for SAP ?
How to see all selectors available on screen ?

Thanks in advence for your help.


Try using UiExplorer with different types of uiframeworks.

If still you are facing problem, ensure that the scripting is enabled from server side as well.

Hi @Boaepa ,

For Sap menu click action, I recommend you to use Hotkey instead of clicking directly.
In your screenshot, if you just want to select “System” then “Service”, the Hotkey may be: Alt + y + i

  • 'Alt‘ is fixed
  • Other key: used the underlined letter,
    so "image " should be “y” and image should be “i”

Having no SAP on my laptop, just give you another example Like this (you need to change the key…):


By the way, you may solve this issue by using Text–>Mouse–>Click (not very sure).


There is a Sap course in academy for you to reference when meeting SAP related issues.




Hi @aisling.bai, Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri,

Thanks for you advises, the scripting in SAP is activated in both sides (GUI and SERVER) so I don’t think this is the problem.

I’ve just followed the SAP Automation training yesterday and the problem is that they are using the “offsets X and Y” a lot with the click activity. But I’m currently facing issues with offsets in production. The click activities isn’t performed in the same “place” than in Dev environnement. That’s why I’m looking for direct selector or shortcuts.

Thank you for your replies !


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