SAP GUI get text issue


I am currently using SAP GUI to try and automate a process using UIPath - It requires capturing text data within several SAP screens for several different items and I have tried “get text” “get OCR text” which have came back with the same issues - I’ve tried editing the selectors in order for this to work effectively but have had no luck.

Below is an example selector:

<html title='Display Installation: 7*' />
<wnd aaname='Silverlight Control' cls='MicrosoftSilverlight' />
<ctrl automationid='ses[0]/wnd[0]' />
<ctrl automationid='ses[0]/wnd[0]/usrUSRAREA/subcntPODSUBSAPLEEDM_UI_EXT_DIALOG0100/' />
<ctrl automationid='ses[0]/wnd[0]/usrUSRAREA/subcntPODSUBSAPLEEDM_UI_EXT_DIALOG0100/
' name='75501203 edit 75501203, , , , ' role='client' />

The 755501203 value is what I am trying to get but as stated this changes for each item. I have tried changing the value to * in order to generalise but it’s not finding anything then.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Check this thread, all is possible now

Best regards, Lev