Different Selectors in different SAP Systems

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i want to automate a workflow which reconciles account balances shown in different SAP Systems my company is using. So basically it is the same automation with a little bit adaption of the selectors. Unfortunately, the Selector Visual tree in the one SAP System is completely different to the tree in the other one. The explorer generates other selectors for the same fields - many fields aren’t even recognized in the second SAP Systems.

The Infos i could get so far:
Both Systems are on the same SAP Release.
In Both Systems SAP Scripting is enabled on Server and on Client

Here are some (1) Screenshots of the Selectors for Elements i could identify in Both Systems and (2) Screenshots of the Issue where an Element could be identified in one System but not in the other:.

Well Working Selector in 1 SAP System

Bad Working Selector in 2. SAP System

Well Working Selector in 1 SAP System

Bad Working Selector in 2. SAP System

I hope anybody can help me on that topic as i dont won’t to navigate with hotkey, especially as i want to extract table data…


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Hi @jostm7,

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Please ensure that the scripting is enabled in SAP system 2 client as well as server.




Hello Vivek,

thanks for the aswer.

But as far as I know scriting is enabled on server as well as on the client on each system…

Could there be another explanation?

Hi @jostm7

The entire setup of both machines should be as similar as possible.

Sometimes the easiest solution is to reinstall / update Studio and/or packages and any extensions.

I have same issue. I recorded SAP steps which was working fine with selector - GUI . After some runs the selectors got changed (on same machine i.e. my machine) to have selectors as AFX. With the selector as AFX*, bot does not identify certain text fields too in SAP. Would be glad if anybody can provide some solution

@sushildarveshi id numbers will keep on changing …search for unique attribute better than id
like - aaname
becos they hold stable seletor

if that also doesnt work then use click ocr text by providing appropriate delays

if you are good with coding then use vb scripting

We also face similar issues

Dear @sushildarveshi, @devashish1989, @all

Please ensure that the scripting is properly activated.

Follow our latest documentation, step-by-step (do not skip any steps, do not assume any settings, just check it please)

The right SAP selector has SAP ID inside
The wrong SAP selector has AFX inside.

Enabling SAP WinGUI API scripting allows you to create reliable automations for the SAP WinGUI.


Yes - issue was resolved after enabling server side scripting. Thanks every1 for help.


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