Sap button ui elements not getting identified

Hello All,

have a popup message while downloading the excel from SAP, not able to click on the Accept button. When trying to use UI Explorer to find the button, it is selecting the entire popup instead of the button. Any suggestion pls to identify

Hi @dilip_kumar1 ,

You can try below steps:

1 - Inspect it with other modes.

2 - If nothing works then use hotkey as shift + Tab to get back to Allow button and then press enter from hot key.
You can also press left key and then press enter.

Usually it worked, i never faced inspect issue during SAP automation.

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Hi @dilip_kumar1

In addition to @ermanoj3101 's comments:
While scanning for elements (i.e. Indicate on screen) You can switch between the above three frameworks by pressing F4 to see which works for you.

This reply by @Palaniyappan to a question about Ui Frameworks should give you all the quick knowledge you need:

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