How to solve this problem, I want to indicate this allow button but it indicate all in SAP



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Did you enable all the perquisites for connecting to SAP ?

Check below for your reference

If this is not allowed, then you can use Click Image activity and draw across the allow button

Hope this may help you


press f4 to chnage framework, or you can also automate that using hotkeys button

Click IMG also not indicate this button

Where will I use this f4 bro

when trying to indentfy the selector , have u tried using hotkeys?

HI @rohin_Kumar

This is the security screen of SAP. In best case, you should avoid automation it :slight_smile:

The best what you can do is to select “Remember My Decision” and then it will be saved in your SAP Logon and this screen will never popup again. It is just

Best regards, Lev

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