UiPath is Not able to identify elements in SAP screen

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I am doing automation in SAP using UiPath Studio(version 2021.10) but in SAP I am not able to locate individual element using Click activity in top Menu Bar options available in SAP (attached the same screenshot below and highlighted which I am not able to click) i.e. Menu, Edit, Favorites, Edit, System and Help.
Instead it is identifying whole top menu bar as single element. I have checked Server side scripting and client side scripting for SAP and it’s Good to go. Can anyone please tell me how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance for your answer
@loginerror @Pablito @ppr Can you also have a ook on this problem


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Use Select Menu Item activity and indicate that SAP window. So that it will list down all the menu options in that window. And then you can select required option want to select.

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