"This control does not support data extraction"-Error in SAP Pop up

I am trying to read data from SAP Pop-up but it shows an error
This control does not support data extraction
I tried different ways such as()

when you check with with UiExplorer (e.g. standalone mode open by Design > UiExplorer) does it recognize the dialog elements e.g. the button: grafik or the item B LTD or is it recognizing the entire PopUp as a blue box?

Yes UiExplorer recognize button grafik by Using UiFramework:AA

2 approaches to check for starting:

  • going over the filter button and grabbing the data from the result of this
  • find children: to the table data items.

give a first try on the filter data approach

HI @suraj23

When I am reading this:

It is a clear sign that SAP Scripting interface is not correct enabled. Please follow this step, really step-by-step to enable proper SAP WinGUI Automation.

The framework should be Default, means SAP and all buttons are recognised with tag SAP in selectors.

Best regards, Lev

I ran into the same issue when using data scraping from a payment overview screen in SAP. I did follow the configuration steps recommended above, but I still see the same issue.



As of today you can do Data Scraping with help of UiPath for Standard SAP Tables and Grid Tables

The screenshot above is so called SAP Labeled Table, which we are going to support with the upcoming release of UiAutomation Packages

As of now, as I mention above, use SAP native export functionality to extract the data

Best regards, Lev