SAP Login activity not working

Hi, the SAP login activity has been working consistently until today. I am getting a selector error
SAP Login ‘saplogon.exe SAP’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <sap id=‘usr/txtRSYST-MANDT’ / >. I have tried repairing it and selecting the element again but still fails.

Did anyone find the solution? I faced the same problem


I am sure @LevKushnir will help

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HI @Petrifly

It sounds like the SAP Scripting Interface settings has changes ;(

SAP was working until today, but not anymore, it sounds it has nothing to do with UiPath…

Any screenshots of selectors? it may help


At the time of posting this question, I had a bit of back and forth with the client and it seemed they updated their SAP system or something along this line and it reset the settings. You may want to check with your SAP admins to see if they did any changes. Also, sorry I do not have any screenshots of the error as it was quite a while ago.

I am using this version and UiPath is able to interact with it.

when you go here, you will see, that we support all versions of SAP WinGUIs

to your point:

than they need to perform all configurations steps again

Best regards, Lev

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