Selector failing on clicking Button in SAP

Bot needs to click on the Shipping button but it’s failing every time . I tried click , click image , anchor all it was unable to identify the elements on screen and UI Framework is also not working

Thanks for the help.

Hi @sunain_chahar

Are you using the same selector which is shown?

If so I see a title attribute with specific invoice details. Those needs to be removed

you have to identify attributes which are generic


Hi @sunain_chahar
Try click image with an empty selector.
Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: SAP is always a challenge to automate

We found that making sure these settings were configures in SAP was key

Also, the resultion needs to be at 100% on the laptop/server

Tried that still not working

Both the activities are failing

They are enabled

Hi @sunain_chahar

Were you able to get a valid selector from ui explorer?

to validate indicate the element and then modify the selector as you need after that refresh the sap page or open any other similar page and try validating the created selector if it is valid then use it else that means the selector you selected is not unique.Repeat these steps till you get the right selector