SAP Application is not responding - How to recover?

Dear all,

im facing some trouble with a SAP Process. The process is basically just downloading a report from SAP and writes the report into a specific Excel file. So far nor trouble.

BUT the process is really time consuming so it happens that SAP freezes and the Bot is just stuck at a ceratin step i a loop.

My goal is to build the bot in a way that it can handle SAP freezing, recover and continue from the step where the process was killed.

Could you kindly help me with some suggestions on how recover an SAP Process?

Thanks and best regards

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HI @SchnEck

Please check this out UiPath Marketplace | Error

it should help

Best regards, Lev


Hy @SchnEck

For working with Sap I recommend using SAP Gui Scripting.
The main benefits it is fast and does not crash if SAP is too slow to respond. I have a long experience working with it and it works great!!!


Hi Wiliam, that sounds promising! I thnik I have enabled GUI Scripting

It is related to this page right?

I have to enable both right? I have to use RZ11 for on server side and on client side just enable scripting?

Thanks and best regards

Thanks Lev, I have tried that solution but was not able to recover the process at the corret position in the loop. Not sure how to do this. So I have a delay which will triger the recover process once SAP freezes in the loop at a certain row from a datatable. SAP gets killed and restarted but im not sure to make it possible to restart the process at the same row, do you have an idea?

Thanks and best regards

Hy @SchnEck,

Yeah you are on the right track.
If you need contact your SAP assistance team in your company :slight_smile:


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Hi Schneck

Please use the latest documentation here

Yes, once you enable server and client side, your are good to go

Best regards, Lev

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Thanks for your quick response :slight_smile: I have contacted my SAP Team.
Will let you know the result once I have it!

Hi Lev, we made the adjustments. But now suddenly my bot is not able recognize any specific selectors in the GUI. Just the complate Window is highlighted in blue, when for example I try to select a box for type into.

Do you have an idea why this is happening?

best regards

HI @SchnEck

in 99,9% cases there are some missing settings here Configuration Steps

Just go step by step very carefully.

Which Studio you are using? Which UI.Automation package?


The studio is 2019.10.2 / The UI.Automation Package is 20.4.2

I will check for the steps again

okay we did everything according to the description.

The Problem was that the SAP User did not have the correct role associated with him.

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thanks for the feedback!

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