When SAP scripting is off, the UiPath freezes

Dear all,

I am just working on error handling related to SAP login and there is one thing, which bothers me.

It might happen that the SAP is restarted or some configuration is changed and reinstalled and the gui scripting is turned off. Hence, the UiPath is not able to access the SAP. The issue is, when this happens, the UiPath freezes on the first activity after logging in and uipath.exe is running 24/7 regardless timeout. Is there a way how to error-handle such issue? Unfrotunately, the robot stops on one activity so I can not add element exists on the pop-up or something else.

Hi @mario

Ensure Java extension is enabled



Java extension is enabled.

Maybe, you misunderstood my issue. This is how it looks saying that script is trying to access SAP GUI



We have to enable script on both client and server side to work with SAP application and disable that alert pop up. Else it will keep on showing when BOT accessing SAP application.

I understand that, but it is not THE issue.

The problem is error-handling. Sometimes the SAP is restarted, or something might be changed in settings of the server where you have your robots and the scripting wouldd end up as disabled. Hence, the UiPath freezes and waits for human to click on OK or Cancel or stop the robot run. However, if you have a queue of robots running on the server, then you simply do not know that this happened and you need to open the server manually.

There must be a way how to handle this.

Ok, solved with “In parallel” aktivity

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