SAP locks-up when I run my UiPath BOT

SAP locks-up when I run my UiPath BOT, but completes correctly when I perform the exact same actions manually.
A different window opens depending on when I perform the tasks manually or via the robot.
The BOT is supposed to export the transaction results to Excel.

Window that opens via manual actions:

2 windows open and I select Yes, Excel opens and I Return to SAP window for my next Transaction selection

Window that opens via UiPath BOT actions:

2 windows open and I select Yes, Excel opens and I Return to SAP window for my next Transaction selection, but the SAP Window will not respond to any input.

Any ideas why this is happening?
My SAP IT say this is an issue with UiPath.
My company UiPath support says it is an SAP issue.

i had the exact same issue…

When i use UiPath to click download in SAP, it either opens the first one or second one. If i click manually, it always opens the first one. at the end i just handle both popups

Sometimes the second window doesnt respond to any input and if it doesnt respond after a set time period i just kill and restart SAP and move to the next step since the excel is already downloaded

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Thank You, I was beginning to think I was doing something incorrectly, but did not know what it was. My BOT is going to be running unattended. Is there a way to code the SAP restart within the BOT or is this a manual restart only?

Ronald G. Butler Jr.

you are able to code it to restart, just use the kill process activity + start process activity. but i am unable to show you how as i dont have access to SAP at the moment.

What i did last time to check whether SAP is responding was the use the UiPath SAP Package . There is an activity inside called “Get SAP Status” which you should use. This activity can check whether SAP is not responding because if SAP doesnt respond then this activity will not return anything.

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Hello Ron,

this is a normal SAP GUI Scripting behavior.

If you use SAP GUI for Windows in manual mode you got the native Windows dialog to download the list. If you use SAP GUI for Windows in automatic mode, which means you record or playback your activities via SAP GUI Scripting, you got the SAP GUI dialog to download the list. This is a desired behavior. The UiPath bot uses SAP GUI Scripting, so it uses the SAP GUI dialog.
This approach has the great advantage that the entire automation process is handled via one interface.


It is neither an SAP nor an UiPath issue. These are two completely different windows, the automation approaches are also completely different. I recommend you to use only the SAP GUI dialog.

Make sure that the use of native dialogs is disabled in the SAP GUI options. Otherwise you need to pick a branch like @jack.chan.


Best regards


thank you

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Thank You Jack,

I will review the activities you have mentioned to see how best I can implement them in my UiPath BOT.



Hi Stefan,

Thank you, for your clarification on why the windows differ and how to limit which window is used by the Robot.



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HI @ron.butler

Here is once more the documentation describing the behaviour you have seen

Using SAP Scripting give you a different screen in comparison with human-being.

@StefanSchnell thanks for clarifying the stuff above!

Best regards, Lev

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Thank You,



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