SAP get freeze

Hello guys,

I hope I would be helped as always.
I am automating a process involving SAP application. With some TX code , I have to extract the the data in excel format but sometimes the SAP screen gets freezed and nothing can be done, the only solution to that is to open task manager and then kill SAP process and start SAP again.
Could anyone guide me as how can I catch this such that I can perform the next steps.


If you get any error in this case then use Kill Process activity and provide that SAP application path to kill process and relaunch it again.

If you use REFramework then it will be very helpful in this kind of processes.

Hi Lakshman,

I am using RE framework but no idea as how to use it with some activity so that I can use the same transaction. Meaning, if for some company the SAP freezes then I need to kill the process and start SAP again. This is fine but what shall i use to tell the BOT that kill the process when this thing happens (no idea about this). because it just stops.

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If SAP screen freezes then it won’t do next activities right. I.e. it will throw system exception. If it throw any system exception then it will go to System exception flow in SetTransactionStatus workflow and it will kill all applications and then it will retry that failed transaction.

Hi Lakshman, the problem is that it doesnt throw any exception, it just stops nothing happens on SAP screen, complete freeze.
So now planned to use a different stratergy, to check if the excel file which gets extracted has been extracted and saved or not using File exist.
But now how to integrate it in Try catch, now what I want is that if it stops or after 3 minutes, it will check if the file exists or not and if not then it will kill SAP and then start again taking the same transaction.