SAP Application is not responding

I have SAP application to automate. In SAP application when I click on one button it will open one window where I have to read text.
The problem is when I click on that button some times it will not at all open and the status bar is keep going, some times I have waited almost 1hr but I did not get any error either from SAP application or from UiPath so please suggest me how to handle this kind of scenario in UiPath.
Currently, each time when it stuck I am closing SAP application through Task manager and re running UiPath workflow again.

Thank you in advance.


Use Element Exists activity and indicate any element after clicking that button. If it found then it success else use Kill Process activity to kill SAP application and relaunch it again.

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Thanks for your reply, definitely I will try this but before that I have few queries on this to understand.

In the current workflow after clicking on that button even I have some other activities like reading text(Get text-Native), processing text(cleaning), writing into a file and again coming back to main window and try same for next entry. So why there is no exception or error from other activities as application is stuck and not moving further.

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If it not found next corresponding activity then it will give error right.

Could you please run it in debug mode and check it once.

Not working as expected, some times it is working some times not.
some times though the expected next screen open it is killing the process. To avoid this, I I kept 5 sec After delay once click on button, but still some times failing.

Hi @Neerugattu,

You can place a click activity for that popup to be clicked and set the Property: Continue on Error to True. So while running the Bot checks for the popup and if it is not found till the Timeout, it will proceed to the next activities execution…

Please let me know your comments. :slight_smile:

I am also facing same issue.

I am automating the SAP application using uipath.
Everything is working fine.but during entering transaction code(some of the transaction code in SAP like ME21N, VF01) or redirecting from one page to another robot is not entering anything and robot is freezing infinite time without any exception or error, it stops there only. But some time works fine.

I Saw this website for freezer handler, but i am unable to understand this

kindly somebody help.

I faced similar issue but unable to understand how can I use parallel activity to resolve it.
Can somebody help?


Even I am facing the above issue, can you please help on this to resolve

SAP is being freezed, when i try to do the same action in separate sequence SAP is throwing error but if we try in a reframework sap is being freezed

I over come this issue with help of time delay and it is working fine with out any issues from last few months. The issue could be dueto, as we are performing continues clicks/activities on SAP application there may be chance of delay in responce from server due to network traffic so the Clint application is getting stuck more over we can not control SAP application with Uipath.

Hi ,

I have used the delay but still the same issue persist.

Hi Karthik, is the issue solved ? pls share the solution. I am also facing this issue in SO10 transaction.

Hi adev,

The Bot tried opening multiple files in background because of that SAP got freezed.

Hi Adevireddy,

keep some delay if that did not work then in the workflow kill the SAP application then raise an exception, in exception block write the current transaction into a file so you will have a track at which transaction it got failed. rerun the workflow again and process the failed one.
Make sure you have to delete the transaction list which was saved while it failed so that next time when workflow runs then it should not consider it.

Hi Guys,

This can be a solution

Best regards, Lev

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