SAP Freeze handler Issues

The bot hangs inifinetly when sap screen is hanged or not responding for long time. I tried using WaitForready property as well setting timeout on Click however nothing works. The bot stays stuck at that step until SAP is closed using task manager and bot is restarted manually. On several other forums the solution link given for sap freeze handler is not opening as well. please advise.
The below link does not open as well which is marked as solution on other forums. Please note that sap scripting is enabled as well.

HI @tgoel28

The Snippet was removed from the marketplace, as we have introduced much better approach:

You can use Invoke Workflow with a timeout while executing it Isolated (it will run in a separate windows process). This timeout value would be the expected maximum workflow execution duration + extra time as buffer.

If sap freezes and the workflow invocation reaches the timeout you would have the exception thrown and you can handle it in your workflow as you desire.

So summary of solution:
Invoke Workflow File" with the “Isolated” property checked + Timeout property set

Best regards, Lev



We tried with above approach. When application stops responding, the bot stays hanged. Until we manually intervene and use task manager to close sap it does not proceed further.

However, it does retry afterwards if the timeout has exceeded. My issue is, i do not want to manually intervene everytime sap hangs, as bot also hangs until sap application is closed manually.

Hello @tgoel28

Please see my example enclosed (2.6 KB)

The invoked workflow has a delay and the main one throws a timeout error after 3 seconds.

Thanks, Lev


Hi Lev,

Yes it does in our case also if workflow does not complete in the stipulated time. However, if SAP applications hangs, the bot stays hangs as well. If we kill sap using task manager, then only Uipath throws exception that timeout has exceeded.


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HI All

Check the new solution as part of our product

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Thanks @LevKushnir . This is precisely what I was looking for today.

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