SAP Analysis for Excel use

Hi there,

Has anyone been able to successfully use SAP Analysis for excel with UiPath? I struggle just to open it, never mind type into a field.

Thanks for any help.

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@LevKushnir - not sure if related but maybe you will be able to help :slight_smile:

HI @John_OBrien

Can you give me more insights? Maybe some screenshots? The use case, what you would like to achieve?

Thanks, Lev

Hi there, thanks for the reply, let me give some more specifics.

I was struggling to get UiPath to open Excel with the SAP analysis for Excel plug-in, I seem to have solved that one now by having it open Excel through “use application” and including my filename in the “application arguments” (I had to move and rename to avoid spaces as that was causing some additional problems)


Once it is open I’m presented with a prompt to enter data I want to retreive, eg Year, Plant etc; but when I try to indicate the field where I would like to enter data, it tries to select a large area rather than the data entry field, see below:

Any ideas how to select just the boxes?



HI @Corneliu_Niculite

I would need your support and knowledge here. It looks like SAP is just a source of data and automation challenges from @John_OBrien are coming from Excel.

Thanks, Lev

Hello @John_OBrien

When using Excel files for automation, the files will be opened without plugins to speed up execution. This is the default way of working with Excel files.

In the latest release we launched a Project property for Excel in StudioX that allows you to choose how to open Excel: Automation or Application. The latter will open the Excel file as an application and thus load plugins and addins too. Check the link here.

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HI @John_OBrien

Better late then never, please find the solution here:

Best regards, Lev

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Normally we use “Excel Application Scope” activity to run the VBA, but Analysis & Analysis Design tabs will not be available while we are using “Excel application Scope” activity. To use Analysis tab and run any VBA codes with SAP Analysis in the excel, use “Open Application” activity to open blank excel workbook then brows the excel file. Once the file is opened, use “Excel Application Scope” activity and open the same excel file. Now we can see the Analysis & Analysis Design tabs.