Analysis for Microsoft Excel Design panel


I am using Analysis for Excel tool for uipath automation. Where I will connect the tool to SAP environment and fetch a workbook. In the workbook I select “Display Design panel” after the selection I have to make a selection(Column) in Data source and right click at select “Add to column”. I am unable to make a column selection in Data source. Any help how I need to handle this.

I had tried with different combination. Select item activity, Click activity,search in Find tab.

Hi Suresh,

Could you provide workflow of this process you just described?


If possible can you please share screenshot of that window. So that we can look and help you.

Unfortunately I am unable to take screen shot due to restrictions

Hello @suresh_panneer_selva
I am having a similar scenario could you share which method you have used to solve this issue

Thanks in advance!!!

May be this will help