SAP Excel Analysis for Office Automation

Hello Friends,

iam facing difficulty to gain focus on the this area in the SAP analysis for office add in.

not able to type in any value inside any field.

Any suggestions

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Please try to use different UI Frameworks. You can toggle between different frameworks in the UiExplorer via the screenshot mentioned below. Or else press F4 while indicating the element.

Hello Rumel,

i tried, but still iam not getting focus on the feilds

Did you try with UiAutomation framework? That generally works. If it doesn’t work probably connecting with UiPath support team will the next option.

yes i tried the UiAutomation framework, but it did work

HI @m0e91

Please excuse late response. “better later then never” :slight_smile:

The right part of the screen (yellow box in your case) does not have an accessibility enabled. If it’s not accessible (for persons with disabilities) then the Robot can’t see it.

Long story, short: this is not a correct implementation from the plugin vendor ;(

To be able to automate this, please use Computer Vision

This works like a charm and produce a desired result very easily and effectively

Best regards, Lev

Hello m0e91,

I am facing same issue in my current project. Did you got any solution for that?
Please response as early as possible. That can be help me lot. Thanks

read above!

May be below link will help