UiPath Community 20.10.4 patch is now available

UiPath Community 20.10.4 patch is now available

Update January 26:

Please note that we’ve pushed a new patch version to Community today addressing an issue discovered internally with the Profile Switch screen not appearing for new Community users. The v20.10.4 build is slowly being shared to all of you.

UiPath Community 20.10.3 patch is now available

This week we have pushed a new patch version v20.10.3 on both the Community Preview and the Community Stable channels.

Please find below a detailed list of changes coming with this new version.




  • The following location settings can now be configured through the governance file: Project path, Publish process URL, Publish library URL, Publish project templates URL.
  • You can now enforce the governance policy through Orchestrator by creating a uipath.settings.config folder and either adding the contents of the governance file in an asset named uipath.studio.governancepolicy or adding the path to the governance file in an asset named uipath.studio.governancesource. For more information, see Governance.


  • The tooltip displayed when you hover a project from the Open Recent list in the *Start tab in Studio Backstage View now also displays the path to the project.json file.
  • A new option named Search by Description has been added to the View Options filter activities menu in the Activities panel. When this option is enabled, searching in the Activities panel returns results from activity descriptions as well as activity names. By default, this option is not enabled and searches return results from activity names only.
  • To make it easier to identify screens and elements from the Object Repository, unique IDs are now displayed in the Edit Screen and Edit Element windows. In addition, when you open the windows from the Snippets panel, a version number is displayed as well.
  • The Connect package source has been renamed Marketplace to correspond with the renaming of the collaborative library of RPA components to UiPath Marketplace.
  • For greater clarity, the Workflow Analyzer Rules Location setting in Studio Backstage View > Settings > Locations has been renamed Custom Workflow Analyzer rules location. In addition, its corresponding tooltip includes more details about the location.

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing Enter in multiline editors that have a single-line height no longer adds a new line, it now submits the expression instead.
  • The Expression Editor no longer opens with the cursor positioned at the end of the line; the cursor position is now at the start of the line.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause publishing a library to fail when the library contained Invoke Workflow File activities.
  • When you publish from the command line with the command UiPath.Studio.CommandLine.exe publish, the output now displays the process name, publish location, and version.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a namespace used in a deeply nested activity to be incorrectly removed when you selected to Delete All Unused option from the Imports panel context menu.
  • If a process contains an activity from a library and the Environment.CurrentDirectory function is used in that activity, the current directory of the process no longer incorrectly changes to the current directory of the library.
  • Projects no longer have missing default dependencies when Studio is not connected to Orchestrator, all external feeds are disabled, and the local feed is the only enabled package source.

Known Issues

  • If you debug a file or a project that contains Pick and Pick Branch activities with both Slow Step and Execution Trail enabled, the execution gets stuck when it reaches the Pick activity. As a workaround, disable one of the options (use either Slow Step or Execution Trail, but not both).
  • Because the namespace of several System activities has changed after version 19.4, if you added one of the affected activities to the list of Favorites using version 19.4 or earlier of the System activities package, the activities no longer appear in the Favorites list when you update the package to a version after 19.4. The available workaround is to add the activities to the Favorites list again.
    The activities with a changed namespace are: Log Message, Filter Data Table, Message Box, File Change Trigger, Invoke Code, Retry Scope, Do While, and While.
  • When you publish a project to a custom URL that becomes unavailable while the Info dialog box at the end of the publishing process is open, if you click the Location link in the dialog box, it can take longer than expected (over 1 minute) for an error to be displayed and inform you that the location cannot be found.
  • An error occurs when you use the Test Activity feature for an activity that requires a scope.

In Studio Pro

  • Renaming a Studio Pro test project that includes test cases causes an error when publishing the tests.
  • Design time and runtime performance of C# projects is lower when compared to VB.NET. When runtime performance is essential, we recommend using VB.NET instead of C#. We plan to update the speed related to C# with future updates.
  • You cannot delete an activity within a mock file if the mock file is derived from an unresolved activity.


New Features and Improvements


  • The Send Calendar Invite activity has received the following updates:
    • The Description property has been updated to allow the use of a Word document as input in addition to the current plain text option.
    • The Attachments property has been added, offering the ability to attach files to a calendar event.
  • The Project Settings window has been updated with two new settings:
    • PiP Ready - Set to Yes to indicate that the project was tested using Picture in Picture. If set to No, the user will receive a warning when starting from Assistant that the process may not work correctly when run inside Picture in Picture.
    • Starts in PiP - Set to Yes to indicate that the process should be run by default using the Picture in Picture feature.

Excel Automation

A new activities settings category titled Excel Business has been added to the Project Settings window with the following options available:

Launch Excel:

  • Launch method - Select how Excel should be launched at runtime:
  • Automation - Start Excel using the automation APIs. This method is faster, but not Excel does not load all add-ins. This is the default option.
  • Application – Start Excel like a user opened it, ensuring that all aspects of Excel load, such as add-ins.
  • Time to wait for Excel to start (in seconds) - How many seconds to wait for Excel to open before generating an error.

Excel Preview:

  • Excel preview type - Select how Excel should be accessed when previewing using the Plus plus button menu:
  • Default - Let StudioX decide what method to use (currently this is the UseXmlFile option).
  • UseXmlFile – StudioX will read the file contents directly. This is currently limited to .xlsx files only and does not work with files that rely on Excel add-ins to correctly view the contents.
  • UseExcelInstance – Loads Excel in the background to process the file contents. This will show the file contents of any file that can be opened by Excel, meaning it supports all file formats and files that require an add-in such as digital rights management (DRM) systems. To see results faster, manually open the file in Excel and leave it open. If the launch option is set to “Application” you are required to manually open the file first.

Mail Automation

  • Outlook 365 and Gmail application IDs can now be automatically loaded from specific assets in a dedicated Orchestrator folder, enabling users to quickly connect to their accounts without having to provide the application and tenant IDs in the Use Outlook 365 activity, or the client ID and client secret in the Use Gmail activity. For more information, see Adding Application Credentials for Outlook 365 and Gmail in Orchestrator.

  • Automations for Gmail and Outlook 365 now offer both plain text and HTML email bodies to ensure the recipient can view correctly regardless of their mail client.

Bug Fixes

  • Speech Viewer is now focusing and narrating the submenus under the Design tab. The CTRL + ALT + D keyboard shortcut has been added to switch focus to the Save button from the Design tab.

Robot & Assistant


New Icons for UiPath Assistant and Process Execution

Starting with this release, the icons of the UiPath Assistant and those used for Process Execution have changed in order to provide a more refreshed and intuitive visual experience when working with our product. They are also easier to identify on different operating system themes.

The new icons are:

System Tray

  • connected - when the connection is established.
  • disconnected - when not connected.
  • connection_error - when an error is encountered, such as the UiPath Robot service being stopped.
  • warning - when there are new or unread notifications.


  • search - Simple Assistant
  • search - Running Process
  • search - Running Process in PIP
  • search - Running process from Assistant
  • search - Running Process in PIP from Assistant

UiPath Assistant Home Page Redesign

The home page of the UiPath Assistant has been slightly redesigned, the processes are split into just two categories

  • Recent : Last 3 processes run
  • Processes : All your available processes

Bug Fixes

  • An issue that affected headless processes running in session 0 in Citrix environments has been fixed and the environment variable UIPATH_DISABLE_HEADLESS is no longer needed.

Hi, where can I get the v.20.10.4 setup file ?

Hi @xiao.xuan.li

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

You can either download the latest patch version from Automation Cloud (20.10.9) or contact our technical support for a direct link to the previous version):

Got it, thank you !