Running unattended in a Windows Remote Desktop using Task Scheduler

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I have a bot that scrapes data from some web pages. All the input uses simulate type and click which helps when I run it on the Remote Desktop. I can schedule the bot to run periodically as a scheduled task using Task Scheduler but, it seems to only run as expected if the Remote Desktop session is open on my desktop. If I minimize the session it either fails to run or when the browser opens it hangs.

I don’t think the RDP extension helps in this situation. Is using Remote Desktop and Task Scheduler not a workable solution? Should I be using StudioX or Orchestrator?

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Hi @kchang

Can Do! Please check out this article and let me know if it works on your end.


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As you said you are using Unattended bot and it’s mandatory to use Orchestrator to trigger Unattended BOTS. And also we have lot more benefits with Orchestrator like scheduling, Monitoring, store credentials in Assets etc…

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Thank you @Mr_Meeseeks, the solution does work when the Remote Desktop session window is minimized, which is great. Do you have anything that will allow the UI action to work when the Remote Desktop session is disconnected. When I disconnect from Remote Desktop, the scheduled task kicks off and the browser (Chrome) fires but and gets to the login page then UI action stops.

Thanks @lakshman I’ll check out how to do that using Orchestrator. Much appreciated.

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