Remote Desktop - Attended vs Unattended

I recently installed uipath community and assistant on a virtual machine. I created a simple process and published it to orchestrator. The robot is attended.

When I connect to the virtual machine via remote desktop, I can start the robot via uipath assistant. However, when I minimize or close the remote desktop window the robot will fail.

I was wondering, If I were to run this robot as a licensed unattanded, would that robot work even when I minimize or close the remote desktop window.

In my experience, it will not work. However, that may depend on the way you access the virtual machine (VMware vs Virtualbox etc.). I’d recommend writing a small process that won’t harm anything and testing it out. Curious to know, since I’ve only worked with remote machines, but not virtual ones when writing RPA.


As you said, Attended will work on your commands until the screen is on, IF you choose to make to unattended robot, then uipath orchestrator will take the full control of the remote system which you installed the bot.

No access will be obtain until robot completes the task

Hope this is clear


Attended robots are meant to be run on active windows, but unattended in the other hand can run on remote machines no need to be active.

Thank you all for your feedback and clearing this up.

It think it’s messed up by UiPath to have crippled the attended robot not be able run in minimized/closed session. Probably part of their already complicated, confusing, very expensive license scheme :wink:

But at least, I can now move on the next phase.

Not that is impossible to do with free community edition, please look:

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Yeah, I tried that, but It did not work for me. Still, good reference, others might have better luck.

I think you’ve pretty much nailed the use case for the unattended UiPath robot. It doesn’t surprise me at all the closing the connection is killing the process. The user must be logged into the machine for the attended robot to work. I’ve seen a log out or even something as simple as the screen saver becoming active stop an attended robot from working.

Intend for the unattended

Any UiPath project that can be implemented as an unattended robot should be. That’s the whole value proposition of UiPath - to take the human element out of the equation as much as possible.

Problem solved?

If you publish UiPath robots to Orhcestrator and run them unattended, you can schedule or trigger them, and they have their own credentials to access and run on the machine in question. So long as the UiPath Assistant is running on the client machine and it can connect to Orchestrator without need for the remote desktop connection, the UiPath process will run and your recurring failures should go away.

I tried the above link by adding ‘RemoteDesktop_SuppressWhenMininized’ in Registry settings still when my Bot run, Job got failed, it’s only working when I opened my RDP and monitor the job.

Please suggest any solution.