Running RPA Robot through Remote Control

Hello everyone,

Recently, i made a Robot on a Virtual Machine, and i using Remote Control to start it.
The Robot run fine when i’m open the Remote Control window.
But, whenever i minimized the Remote Control window, it not work or getting errors.
The errors mainly from the web interact part and the Computer Vision part.
Please let’s me know if we can run the robot with when minimized the Remote Control window?
And, Is there any solution for this matter?
Thanks everyone.

Please check below thread and follow the steps mentioned in it to resolve the issue.


Thank you @lakshman for sharing the information, but in my case, the robot is made and run on Virtual Machine only, i just Remote Login into the VM and start the Robot.
However, when i minimized the Remote Control window, it not work or getting errors.
I not the same with the scenario that in the link which you shared to me.
So in my scenario, is there any solution for it?

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There is a workaround for this, instead of minimizing Remote desktop connection, just click Restore Down (square button beside minimize) so you can still use your local PC while the virtual machine is still running without errors.

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May I know what type of Robot are you using ?
Is it Attended or Unattended BOT ?

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Awesome as you say you are just logging in to the server and then we need to ensure that the RDP screen is always maximised only then the bot will be able to identify the elements
For that we can use MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity once after logging to the RDP

Along with this enable few properties like SIMULATE CLICK, SIMULATE TYPE for activities like click and type into
So that it will ensure that the bot can find the element even when ran in background


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Dear @lakshman ,
I am using an Attended BOT so i must Remote login into the VM to start it.

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