Rdp issue

whenever i minimize RDP bot faulted.how can i solve the poroblem.Even though remote desktop has not locked manually or automatically,I’m getting (Send Hotkey: Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions.)
error while performing some Ui actions in remote desktop. I want to know how to handle this error.
Could anyone please suggest solutions regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, that is an expected error since UiPath robots cannot work with minimized RDPs. Since, RDPs are virtual environment robots use visual recognition instead of the usual UI objects.
I would suggest that you simply do not minimize your RDP window during execution, although if it is absolutely necessary that you must minimize the window you can try these steps:

However, I wold also suggest that you create a restore point and a back up of your files before doing the above mentioned steps. Although, I’m sure that you won’t run into any problems with it, I still consider it best practice to save everything before making any change to your registry. Up to you though.

Now, if you’re still experiencing this issue even though your RDP session is not minimized then I would suggest making some settings change to your robot via Orchestrator.
Go to Orchestrator > Management > Specific robot to be used > Edit > Settings > Enable “login to console” and Set it to ‘NO’ > Change the resolution settings and use the necessary dimensions from your RDP.

Have a great day, and happy automation! :vulcan_salute:

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Is simulate click or simulate type or send window message property enabled along the activities
Kindly check them once

cheers @arijit1213

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