Running robot on remote server

Hello everyone. I’ve recently began learning RPA and this is my first post here.

My question is - can I perform work on my machine while a robot is running?

I believe the answer to my question is no, so I’m thinking the best thing is to run it on a server. If I want to run a scheduled process (let’s say once a day) on a server with RDC, how can I do it? What are the prerequisites? Do I need to download Studio and Robot on the server? Should I always have a RDC in order for the process to run? This is my first real productive automation and any advice will be very helpful.

Thank you!

Your first question… the answer is Yes you can create process workflows which can run in background…
now the second part …
You can run a scheduled process on server with RDC you just need to download Robot on that machine,which will execute the process hence no studio installation required for that machine

Thank you for the reply! How can I run a workflow in the background? Can the workflow perform any activities?