Run workflow on RDp

I have created a work flow without using simulate or send as message in activities.

I have published the workflow on orchestrator and schedule it onto my Unattended robot installed on server.

How can i run the workflow on server withou login into server i.e what all changes are required in the workflow to make it work on server.

Also, the workflow has complete hotkeys and click tasks which does processing in frontend or foreground.

Application used is Excel 2007 and IE

Hey @Prashant_Sharma

  1. Is the server set up to allow processing without a user session expiring and resulting in a lock or logout?
  2. Is your server machine connected to the Orchestrator?
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  1. My robot always shows available on orchestrator and till now i haven’t faced any user session expiring issue.
  2. Server Machine is connected to orchestrator.