Can we schedule an Attended bot with Windows Scheduler?

Currently I am working on the UiPath community edition. I could run a bot with a .bat file. Which means, I can schedule this .bat with Windows Scheduler (without using the Orchestrator).

As I have read, the difference between attended bots and unattended is that,

  • Attended bots have this play button in the robot tray against each process, which we can use to run a flow manually. And, we are unable to schedule with Orchestrator.

  • Unattended bots can be scheduled with orchestrator. (As I assume, they don’t have this play button in bot tray.)

Since we have two types of robots, attended and unattended (which I haven’t had any chance to work with), I would like to know whether it is possible to schedule a workflow on a Attended bot using a .bat along with a windows scheduler?

Appreciate if I can get a support to clear this doubt. Thanks in advance.

Technically yes, you can use windows scheduler, not recommended by UiPath, you may come across unexpected behaviors and you will not get any support from UiPath.

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Can you give me some examples about possible unexpected behaviours…?
would be helpful for me to understand the pros and cons of windows scheduler based solution.

Hi @urweeraratne,

Take a look this one