Run bot from Windows Task Scheduler


I’m trying to run my project from .bat file using Windows task scheduler, the bot runs for simple process but for screen or browser related the bot doesnt execute not even once , I’m using enterprise edition(attended) whereas in community edition I was able to run bot using TS

Do u guys have any solution for this or the Uipath never allow this to happen specially for attended robot license?

Hi @Rekha_Rintu,
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First of all UiPath is not supporting this solution (we’re not testing such approach) because of Orchestrator which let you do the same with easier way.
Second thing is the difference in services under which robot is running. For CE you service is using user thread, for EE it’s system thread. Probably this is the reason your Task Scheduler is not able to co-operate with EE.

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Hi @Rekha_Rintu,

You should try this.

I have not tested it, but if you need more clarification don’t hesitate to reply.