Run time execution error: Add Queue Item

When ever I run my file in studio I am getting the below error. Can you please help me on this issue:

Source: Add Queue Item

Message: Queue Name may not be null or empty.

Exception Type: System.ArgumentException.


Hi @rana.annabathina
Short answer:
Your variable is null/empty because your default value is not a string value, but a self-reference.


  • You have a variable named DemoQueue.
  • Your queue is also named “DemoQueue”.

In the “Variables” panel, you have initialised the variable as DemoQueue, not as "DemoQueue".
Since it is not surrounded in double quotes, the “default value” is the same variable, which - paradoxically - also happens to be uninitialised, and hence the issue.

Initialise the variable with the value in double quotes - "DemoQueue".
Also, if you change the name of the variable to something like QueueName, the conflict will become more apparent and will be less confusing for you.

I hope this helps.

Hello, I did exactly as u said by changing variable & Queue names but I am getting a different error now:

Source: Add Queue Item

Message: TestQueue does not exist. Error code: 1002

Exception Type: UiPath.Core.Activities.OrchestratorHttpException

You have DemoQueue as a variable. If you want it as a literal string put double quotes around it.

Why would you do it the exact way he showed you? Your queue is named DemoQueue not TestQueue. Put DemoQueue as the value of QueueName.

Hi @postwick ,

As I said I have changed Queue and variable names, queue name has been changed to TestQueue. I have actually created a whole new process if you can see the screen shot I posted you can see orchestrator picture as well in which you can see the newly created Queue name(TestQueue). Excuse me for the confusion created here. That being said every thing now is clear as @RPAForEveryone said.


Hey @rana.annabathina

if you’re still facing the issue. please follow the below steps.

  1. Connect your Studio to Orchestrator and create a queue in same workspace folder as you’re developing the process in.
  2. Use the for each activity to iterate through the list of items you’re having and add a Add Queue Item activity inside for each loop.
    the Propery of Add Queue Items are below

    your item information should be something like this

    execute the process it should work. if you still face any issue. let me know.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @satishkr6391,

I have added arguments in ItemInformation property as shown in the below screen shot and I think all the details I have given in Queuename property field, variables field and in the orchestrator are correct but still I am facing the same issue, can you please help me out?

Hi @rana.annabathina

I got to know the exact cause. Kindly check the workspace your studio is pointing too. Click on the right bottom and see the orchestrator workspace. Refer the below image for stuido.
Make sure you have created your queue in the same workspace to which your studio is currently pointing to. Refer the below image from orchestrator.
let me know if you are still facing the issue.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

This issue has been resolved by just linking all the folders available in my orchestrator.

In Detail,

  1. In the queues section I have clicked on three dots menu of the queue I created which is “TestQueue” in my case.
  2. Click on Manage Links.
  3. Select all check boxes of all the folders available there and click on Update.

Hi @satishkr6391, my issue has been resolved in a different way which I have mentioned in the above comment.

Thank you for your response :blush:

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