"Add Queue Item: Queue Name may not be null or empty."

I am trying to get DataRow item as Queues using the “Add Queue Item” activity and am encountering this error.
Please suggest a work around.
Thank you


can you show the properties section of your Add Queue Item?
I thin you have missed one field

I have 3 rows in the data table I need in the Queue

The issue is whit your queuename.

What is the value of Q123 variable?
Can you please check if you have assigned a value to it? that queue should be the orchestrator queue you have created.

I used Ctrl+K to create variable “Q123” and it is of type String,should it be changed?
And yes , I have declared it in the Orchestrator as well.

if Q123 is your string variable, have you assigned it any value?
It should have the Queue name that you have created in Orchestrator.

If your queue name is Q123 then just pass it as “Q123” in the QueueName field or assign it to the Q123 string variable you have created. Any option will work


Thank you!

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Alwaz welcome :slight_smile:

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