Queue name can not be null error

I am trying to do assignment 3 and made sequence for dispatcher but after running this workflow getting error:

This is the workflow:

getting this error:

have you passed the argument for the Demo_Queue? if it is in config file pass Config(nameYouGaveInTheConfig).toString
if not you can just use queue name within double quotes in the QueueName field.


Thanks it worked.
I passed queue name in double quotes.
But i did not get excel data in queue, it is showing me in orchestrator like this:

Is the output fine?
I was thinking the data of whole excel sheet should come in queue.

get your mouse over the queue name and you’ll see 3 dotsclick on it

@nsharma see that the remaining items are 106 , your data are uploaded .

try to mark the solution as well.


Hi Thanks i got it now.

@Vidwa which solution to be marked?

Ehich you have found as helpful

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