Error: Add Queue Item in Assignment 2

I encountered an error when finish L3 Assignment 2.

I have set the property “Iteminformation” as the following:
The output wrote the “WIID” correctly:
but the “Iteminformation” was still blank and an error message was thrown… Cannot figured out what I did wrong…
The screenshot of the message:

Could you pls kindly give me any idea?


can you send the ScreenShot of the Property Section of the Add Queue Item…
Check what value you had passed to the Reference Field. it should be always Unique

Sorry for misleading…Actually, the item information is not unique because all of them are Nulls…
I tried to change the setting and the output was just like this:

Could you help me out?

Hi @Esther

Why are you trying to pass null values to a queue? it should contain a unique value. In your workflow, make sure the variable that you are trying to pass to the queue has a value. Then it will be resolved… If you are not sure why it is getting null, You may try using the debug mode.

You can add a breakpoint to the activity you add the value to the variable, and run the entire application in debug mode. This will help you see what values your variable holds and where it is going wrong…

Let know how it works for you

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To be honest, even I myself don’t know why they are null values… The output of “write line” activity is normal but the value passed to orchestrator is abnormal… I cannor figure out the reason…

Will you be able to share your workflow solution so we can check it out?