Assignement 2 : Add queue item Faulted

Hi everyone,

When I run in debug mode my dispatcher before the end, he stopped with message “Add queue item Faulted” in the output window. And then rerun again and again. I don’t know what is the problem: orchestrator, data scraping…
Here you are my dispatcher: (106.6 KB)

Hi @MigT

Can you cross-verify whether the name of the queue created in orchestrator and the one you mentioned in the config file are same.

In your workflow i can see Queue name is pointing to ‘InHouse_Process4’ so please make sure the queue name against this in the config file is the queue you created in the orchestrator.

Hi @Ashraya, sure I attached screenshot of my orchestrator queues, the queue name in my process and ly config file:



Try giving the QueueName in the studio as in_Config(“QueueName”).ToString as the name given for the queue in your config file is “QueueName” and the value (InHouse_Process4) is the actual queue name.

Since the RE-Framework reads the config file and saves all the Key-Value/ Name-Value pairs in the form of Dictionary, it might as well be searching for a key named ‘InHouse_Process4’ and not finding it.

Give it a try and let me know.

Thanks @Ashraya, I try it, but the problem remains, that is to say the message is “System exception. Retry: 0. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: Invoke workflow file: Log Message”
I don’t know there is 0 object reference while the scraping is ok.

okay… if the error is ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ then can you try printing the row item you are trying to add to queue before the ‘add queue item’ activity using ‘WriteLine’ and see if the WIID is coming, if not then the scrapping has issue and you trying to add null value hence the error.

Do you need this :

Just Print ‘row(“WIID”).ToString’ inside for loop and see if the WIID is coming

Ok, I checked, the data scraping is good but then when I print "row(“WIID”).ToString in the condition, I have “441444” so Add queue item is faulted. But I don’t how I can correct this problem

In AddQueueItem, can you show the ItemInformation Property value as well?

sure @nadim.warsi

Looks good. What is the current error that it throws?

It told me : Add queue item Faulted and then “System exception. Retry: 0. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: Invoke workflow file: Log Message” so is empty

2 different reasons displayed here for 2 different thing.
Are you running the whole flow? or just defaulting some values?

@nadim.warsi I ran the first one, that is to say the Dispatcher only.

What do you mean by “or just defaulting some values”?

Running from the Main itself and not the Process.xaml only i meant.

Is your robot connected to the orchestrator ?

I run all the time from the Main.
Yes, as you can see with the screen:

Obviously the problem is in the success of SetTransactionStatus

do you have an entry LogMessage_Success in the Constants tab of Config file?

yes I have