Error: How to add queue?


I am trying to add a queue to orchestrator and keep getting following error. Can some one please help?

Main.xaml (7.5 KB)

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Here’s a guide to add queues on Orchestrator. Try to follow it and see if the error persists.

Also, there’re a free training about Orchestrator. Have you done yet?

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This was helpful :slight_smile: Should have searched more on knowledge base. Thanks a ton

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Getting Error performing queues

lets check the workflow below


Hi there @chinnapureddy03,
If your QueueList object is null at the point of trying to access it with ‘ToList’, an Exception will be thrown.

Can you confirm whether the object is populated beforehand?

Thanks in advance,

@Mr_JDavey ,

please suggest which value i have to place in red box below, im getting confuse. already i added values in queue, now i want disply all values in message box. How?

What should i do next step, please any one help me out

Hi there @chinnapureddy03,
When you use the activity ‘Get Transaction Item’, you are retrieving a single queue item.

As such, there’s no reason to include a ‘For Each’.

If you are looking to retrieve the information stored in a single item, then you can use:

Each queue item will have a Dictionary of type:
String [Key] Object [Value]

So the above will lookup the key ‘Key’ and return its associated value.

With that said, if you are looking to retrieve all available queue items, you should use the activity ‘Get Queue Items’, which returns an IEnumerable of Queue Items, which you can then use a ‘For Each’ on.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Mr_JDavey ,
I’ve used queues before but this time i keep getting the error “Add Queue Item: The operation has timed out”
Can you please help me out?

@Mr_JDavey In my studio i don’t have "Queue item " activity, so using get Transaction activity , i want to get all values, so please make one workflow for my understanding purpose

Hi there @chinnapureddy03,
When you use the ‘Get Transaction Item’ activity, you are returning an object of type ‘Queue Item’.

In your case, you have named it ‘TransactionItem’.

If you wish to retrieve the values stored in its dictionary, please refer to my above post.

However, if you would like to loop through all items, then use the activity ‘Get Queue Items’, which returns an IEnumerable of Queue Items.

I am certainly happy to assist further, but you will need to clarify exactly what your expected outcome is.

Would you like to loop through:

  • All data stored in a single Queue Item
  • All Queue Items available in the queue

Thanks once again,

Hi there @Rishabh_Lakhera,
Are there any network connectivity issues?

Alternatively, are you using

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Mr_JDavey,
I guess there was some sort of connectivity issue. It worked out completely fine today :slight_smile:

Yes,i am using , working on my advanced training.
Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

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