Run Robot from machine B

I have machine A in one network and machine B in another network. Machine A has a robot installed. How can I run the bot from machine B? Is this possible? Thank you!


Hi @mbaur3
If you explain a bit of your requirements that would be easy to answer

Anyway, you mean 2 network so to access it
Your orchestrator should have to public into both network then yes you can run the robot over machine b

And anyway if there is nothing to connect with orchestrator (as your need /Attended Automation) then there no need to connect orchestrator
You can run your robot over your machine b itself

If you talk this with connect with orchestrator, the both machine a,b should have to access the relevent orchestrator (for this case your orchestrator should be visible to both networks)

I am using the community edition to test a proof of concept.

I want the bot to be able to run by any user that has access to The bot will be hosted in machine a.

How can I set up orchestrator to be public?


community for personal uses. you need to use trial license and install on-premise orchestrator to meet ur need.

Hi @mbaur3, In Community Edition you can’t install only a Robot but you can install UiPath studio with Robot and connect it with this Unattended - Runtime on Machine B which you need to create in Classic Folders if you are using Classic Folders, for Modern Folders you need to connect it with username and password on domain but you can check guides on UiPath site.

Classic Folders

Modern Folders

Community Plan Licenses

If you want to install Orchestrator On-Premise then you can request trial license from don’t press Request Enterprise Trial because that will give you Cloud version of Enterprise.


Hi @mbaur3.
Ok if u use community edition means yes its possible no worries

Only you have to check that both machines able to login to platforms
It can , the you done :blush:

The username and password of the domain of the machine where the robot is not hosted?

@mbaur3, if we are talking about modern folders then you will need:

  1. Call an domain user to Cloud Platform (image below);
  2. Add that user into group which can run a robot;
  3. Add Machine name.
    In the modern folders you don’t need to create a robot because licenses will be passed to machine by user which is logged on the machine.
    I checked and you only need to put DOMAIN\USERNAME not a password because you already gave permissions to connect by connecting Assistant to Cloud platform with machine name and you asked that username to cloud platform.
    I think that it will only work with usernames which are domain or if you connected your machine with your personal account.


I am trying to run the bot but I am seeing:
Under Robot - Pending allocation
Under User -Pending allocation

For the community edition I do have a license for unattended bot but not sure how to set it up.