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I would like to know how to add an user in ui path orchestrator and run the bot from my local machine and this one be executed in another machine.
To be more precise: I developed a bot and I want to execute it in a diferent machine from my local computer.
Is there any way to do it with the community license?

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Hi @francogeno97

  1. UiPath Community Edition Orchestrator allows for up to two (2) machines. This means that you can register and manage two different machines in Orchestrator under the Community Edition license.
    → Login to Orchestrator → Go to tenant → Go to Machine tab → Create machine template.

  2. In Community edition there is limitation of creating bots, we can create 2 robots one is for attended and another is for unattended.

  3. Yes you can run the bot by login to the orchestrator, when executing the process from the Processes folder select the machine in which you want to execute.

Note : when user creation the permission should be given, give all the permissions to that new user then they can execute the process.

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If you want to run completely unattended on another machine you cannot as community does not support service mode installation

Instead you can run attended on another machiene from assistant…or partial unattended by keeping other machine open and then running from orchestrator