Run process in other machine

I’m using Community Edition, can I run a robot in another machine sitting at my machine.

I mean can I connect to another machine from my machine and run the robot using Community Edition.

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Yes you can run it.

How will i do that?

Is that same as running robot in my machine?


Is Uipath studio and application you are going to automate both are in same machine or its in different machine ?

Same machine but if want to run the same process in other machine which has the same application is that possible to run the robot from my machine?


Hi @Sravya_Jetti
you can use Agent desktop for this

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In order to run the process on any machine you need a Robot Agent, this can be running as a Service (UiPath.Service.Host) or in User Mode (UiPath.Service.UserHost).

Robot Tray and Agent Desktop (Soon to be called UiPath Assistant) work with the Robot service to receive instructions from Orchestrator when connected.

Install the Robot using your Studio installer, register the second host to Orchestrator and assign it an Unattend or Attend Robot and initiate your process.

If you cannot for some reason install the UiRobot service on the secondary machine, you could automate the process over an Remote Desktop Session, but it would need to be done with image recognition.

If installing the Robot on the secondary machine is not an option or cannot communicate with Orchestrator, you still have the option of using the UiPath Remote Runtime which would allow you to use native selectors over a RDP connection in which case you would run the process from your first machine and open a RDP connection to the second as part of your process flow.

Lastly, if the options above are not feasible you can manually put the NuGet package of your process on the machine and then start it manually on the host so long as the UiRobot is installed.

Keep in mind that with the community Orchestrator you only get 2 Attended, 1 Unattended Runtime, and 2 Studio Named User licenses.


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