Configure diffrent machine in one UiPath Robot

how to configure two different machine in on UiPath Robot because I have already configure my laptop as one machine in Uipath Robot and now want to configure different machine/other’s laptop

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Hi @Rrupam13

You will have to install UiPath Robot on the other laptop as well in order to to configure a different machine.
If you are using Studio Community Edition, install it on the machine and open the Robot from %localappdata%\UiPath\app-17.1.6435\UiRobot.exe
If you are using the Enterprise, you will need a different license in order to configure your robot on another machine.

I have a community edition but not able to configure multiple machine in one laptop via UiPath robot

Yes, you cannot because the laptop is a machine. If you want to connect a different machine to Orchestrator, you will need access to that machine and also the Robot installed there. If you open the Robot tray - Settings you will notice that machine name is read-only, so you cannot change it with another machine:

@ovi Are you suggesting we need to have UiPath Studio + Orchestrator running on a server machine in order to connect other machine?

Hi Anshul,

No, it’s recommended to have different environments for Development(Studio) and Orchestrator. In other words, to have Studio on a machine and Orchestrator on a different machine.