1 License to be used on 2 machines

Hi all I need some help.

I have 1 unattended license only and I have to use it on Machine A in some hours and on Machine B during other hours never at the same time.

User from Machine A should not have access to Machine B and viceversa.

What should I use Standard Machine or Machine Template, Floating Robot or Standard Robot … Im not sure if this is possible.

Thank you.

Hi, the floating robots works only for attended and developers licenses. Machine template enables multiple users to connect UiPath Robot to Orchestrator using the same machine key.

But you want to use unattended so for yours case can be assign only one user. So you can configured in Orchestrator those two VMs (for the same user) but you have to switch license manually between them.
I don’t know the different way if you don’t want buy new license.


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Did we try using Concurrent runtime of a unattended bot license

So that you can use them in two machines simultaneously

Have a view on this thread for more insights

And it’s not about the robot type we can use standard machine and standard robots
But while using concurrent runtime if the job A is running and meantime if we trigger job B then B job will be in pending star until Job A is over

Cheers @pedro.sobrado.lorenzo