Run Project versus Run File

What is the difference between these 2 when running in the studio. I ask because I run a workflow in SAP that will freeze in Run File but not in Run Project and Debug modes. When ran from orchestrator and UI Path Assistant SAP freezes. Scripting is enabled…User is set up with UI Path community edition but that will ideally have them run this from their assistant than going into the debug options to run project.

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Hey @michael.twining

  1. Run File - Will run the active file on the studio which is currently opened, if no file is opened it will run the file which is set as main for the project

  2. Run Project - Will run the file which is set as main

You can set a file as main in the project as below...

Set a project file as main in UiPath Studio

Hope this helps.




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As @Nithinkrishna said, you can see the more usage if your project is in Re-Framework

The Run File / Run Project will have same runs, but the difference is what @Nithinkrishna mentioned, if your SAP is freezing in Run File Option, maybe the input are coming from another flow?


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This workflow activity is actually in one linear flow on the Main file. It performs a For Each activity and works fine for like 2 of the loops but afterwards SAP will freeze.

SAP application freeze do you mean ?

So my query will be if you perform this steps manually, even then it would be freezed ?

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