Uipath Community Update 2022.4.0 - this is some kind of disaster

Uipath Community Update 2022.4.0 - this is some kind of disaster. TRAGEDY. What happened that the program runs SLOWER, it hangs when publishing the project. Freezes after saving a project and trying to publish a project. Hangs when trying to add a new control e.g. Assign. Create variables. Overall it’s a disaster. It wasn’t that bad.

Eg: Automatic import of variables in Invoke Workflow file does not WORK! After running a test project that was saved in several xml files, a lot of errors popped up.

When editing anything in a project - project freezes, freezes, etc. None of these things were in the previous version.

Tragedy what happened when it gets fixed ?!

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Hey @r.rydzewski

Are you using it for learning or enterprise projects ?

As it is currently released only for community audience!

It is not recommended as of now to use for enterprise projects


I use it as a community, but I test solutions that are later found in pieces for development.

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