Option to Run from main instead of current workflow

Is there a way to implement a per project entrypoint so that when you run your project in studio it runs from the entrypoint instead of from whatever workflow you have open at that moment?

That would interfere with existing expectations and could lead to some nasty surprises.
What is the use case?

Also, you can rightclick a workflow in project pane and run it, so just run from your entry point there.

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Coming from a software development background my expectation for run functionality was that it would run the main workflow. In my worldview running individual workflows is akin to a unit test, it’s been a frustrating experience to be working in a workflow and be ready to test my work and when I click run, it doesn’t run the whole process.

What nasty surprises could come out of having a configurable entrypoint that your project runs from?

UiPath Studio looks like Visual Studio but has different functionality for the same shortcuts. I’m not saying replace what’s existing, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck you should at least be able to configure it to swim like a duck.


Ok, now I see something that could work out.

UiPath Studio users are (generally) not accustomed with the tools that it borrows from.
Current expectation is that if one has the workflow active, that workflow will be run.
I’m not going to argue it should or shouldn’t be that way (not my call anyway), but fact of the matter is that it has been like this since at least v7.5 (~2014? I think) and thus it is the current expectation of UiPath Studio users, right or wrong doesn’t matter.

Due to above mentioned expectation, if a UiPath Studio user presses F5 it’s expected that current workflow will be run. If it will start from a different entry point, depending on what the project is about, you might inadvertedly affect the system under automation.
While it may sound improbable, some projects are developed on systems that only have a production instance, so anything that subverts engrained muscle memory is dangerous (I know that it’s right now happening to you, I’ve had it also with “which one was debug?”, especially due to using multiple IDE’s at some point).
UiPath currently does not support per-user project-specific settings (I don’t know if it ever will or should), so if I change the entry point and you sync via source control, you have it changed as well, possibly without realizing.
If we’re using a centralized source control (like TFS) if I want to change it and it’s stored in project.json (which would be the obvious place, since that’s where the entry point is defined currently) I need to check it out, which means if we’re working in parallel, now you can’t change it and as long as I have it checked out, you will need to run from whatever was set before I checked it out.

The functionality of “run from defined main entry point” (which is how it runs as a job), is missing though and that’s a fact (or I missed it too :slight_smile: ).
So if F5 stays as “run from current” to not circumvent current behaviour expectations, would something like Shift+F5 (and respectively F7 and Shift+F7 for debug mode) fulfill what you’re asking for?
Once shortcut bindings will be configurable (that’s coming soon™), you could easily reverse that for you as long as both options are present, while people used to it would not be affected.
What do you think? (or you had that in mind from the start and I just misunderstood you)

Honestly comparing to VisualStudio (even though I grew to like UiPath Studio), it’s more like “it has a vaguely similar shape and also makes loud noises”, but that’s personal opinion :wink:

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I think you’ve nailed what I meant. Thanks for taking the time to understand!

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Cool :slight_smile:
Edited topic title to better reflect it. Feel free to change as needed if it’s inaccurate.

So, shortly put, you’re for an Shift+F5 shortcut (configurable) that will do “run form Main”

That seems to be the case.
But already declined? That was fast :frowning:

Yes, I want a shortcut that will always start the project from the same workflow.

It is now also possible to set your own entry point by right clicking specific file:

Run file and Run were also added, hover over the options for shortcuts :slight_smile: