UiPath Project Question

Hello UiPath Community,

I have a question regarding files and project organization in general. If I am running a project in UiPath and have documents I am referencing say, in an input folder within the project folder, does this mean that all workflows and processes in the project understand that the base path is the project folder? - this means for anything in that folder, I can simply put a file path continuing from the project path (\data\input) instead of the entire folder path and it would not give me an error?

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Hi @Kimberleyieshaa,

That’s absolutely right :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter if the workflow file is either inside project’s root folder or inside a project’s subfolder. It will consider your project base path.

Also, it won’t give you an error, even if you publish it to Orchestrator and run it in a VM. Unless, the indicated folder/file doesn’t exist and you don’t handle this situation.

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Hello @gustavo.cervelin, Thank you for responding! I just wanted to confirm. That makes things a lot easier!

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Any time @Kimberleyieshaa