Starting project from workflow does not work

When starting a project using the run button in UIPath studio there is a bug if you start the project while viewing one of the nested workflows in your project. For example, I am trying to run a project that calls a workflow from the main project, but there are errors everytime if I start it while my workflow window is open instead of the main window. It runs fine if I start the project from the main window. This bug can cause a lot of confusion.

what is the error that you get?

The variables passed from the Main workflow are empty/unavailable in the second workflow if started from the second workflow.

yes, so it wont work if you have defined arguments that flow into the workflow from outside.
You can set default values if you want to run it independently.

This does not seem very intuitive. Maybe there should be start options to “Run from main” or Run from current workflow". The only start node in this project is in the Main workflow as well, so it seems logical that it would start there unless specifically marked to do otherwise. I suppose I understand why you may want to be able to run the separate workflows independently, but I think that the default behavior should be different.


when you click on Run, the workflow which is open will run.
As a whole the ‘Start’ basically is a trigger point for your business process here, im sure you cant have that in many palaces.
So if you want to test independently, you will need to simulate the flow.

What according to you should be the behavior? Lets see if its a valid thing.

To start from Main by default, and include start options to “Run from main” or Run from current workflow", as I mentioned…

You have the option already to run independently.
You cannot add multiple start activities, otherwise you lose the whole idea of invoking or modularizing.