UIPath Update? Need to set sequence to main to execute

Hi All,

My UIPath is behaving different to last week. I received the licence issue and clicked on 'Continue with Community Edition".

Now every single time I want to run a different sequence in my Project I have to make it ‘Main’ to run…why?

Also my Run command has now changed to Start with Debugging - weird!

Please advise as I am presenting the solution this afternoon.

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Click on that start and select start process without debugging.

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hi @memrevh

They made a major update to run functionality :slight_smile:

Now if you want to run the particular sequence you can do either
“Start File” Or “Start File Without Debugging”

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Good day

Hi @Shubham_Varshney & @lakshman,

I have a few sequences in my project. When I click on start it only runs the Main Sequence - why?

Last week I was able to run whichever process I was in!

Thank you,

Hi @memrevh

Please see my post here:


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