Run Opens the Error List?

Good morning

Frequently, when I hit Run or Run File, the Error List will open and nothing else will happen. At that point, the only option I have been able to figure out is to shut down UiPath and restart it.

It almost feels like I am inadvertently having the wrong thing selected when I try to run my sequence.

Here’s a screen shot of what I see right after hitting run. Before hitting run the Error List is not open.

Do you hit the triangle which kicks off Debug File? Or do you click the dropdown and select Run File?

The later. I am using the dropdown and hitting Run File.

Is it possible your code is inside an If activity that doesn’t validate, so nothing happens when you hit Run File? That doesn’t answer why the Error List is opening up, but I’m curious.

Run File should run the file that you have open. Run Project should kick off Main.xaml. Could you try Run Project and see if there’s a different effect?

Run in the dropdown is what I have to assume you mean by ‘Run Project’.

Yes, Run in the dropdown is Run Project. I would try a few more things to see if the same behavior (Error List is opening up) is replicated.

  1. Create a new blank sequence with a single activity and click Run File.
  2. Right click one of the activities in this sequence and select Run to this activity.
  3. Create a new project with a single activity and click Run File, followed by Run (Project)

Hello @David_Puthuff

Are you facing this issue recently? It would be better to create a new process and add a simple message box. And then go to Debug file->Run this file

Chekc whether its working on not.

Also to check the issue with workflow you can go to Debug->stepinto. you can navigate to each activity and understand from where the issue is happening.

@David_Puthuff Can you try the below steps

  • Click on Home Tab

  • Now, click on design and check the highlighted options were disabled. If not, disable it and run the process again