Simple Activities (Message Box Activity) Do Not Run

Hi all,

My UiPath Studio does not run my file. I’ve tested this with a simple sequence of a Message Box activity. Upon running the file I see this in the output:

where it will stay for 30+ minutes. Does anyone have any idea why this may happen?

I am on UiPath Studio 2020.10.2 Community License

Hi @confused_students,

Are you using the Sequence1.xaml file as your main flow? If not, go to the project ribbon, right click on Sequence1 file, and choose “make it main”, or something like this.

Thanks for the response, unfortunately did not work

Can you pass more details?

It was working before? Are you connected to orchestrator? Does studio was installed using admin profile?

i also faced the same issue, Can you please restart your studio and chech, there may be new versions are available to update the studio.


This is a fresh install, never used before on my desktop. Tried uninstall/reinstalling, but this is a huge headache. Think I will be giving up until UiPath makes their installation/activation smoother… what a joke.

Thanks for your time