Activity opening another XAML activity


I have dumb question that’s made me waste 3 hours before actually finding a response

I created some sequence activities in a file and decided to copy paste them into my main flowchart file. However, it seems that now, when I try to run the main robot, the copy-pasted sequences are opening the original file in which i edited the first sequences.

Any idea on where to find the call towards the original xaml file and run only the activities in the current file?

LE: It seems that it doesn’t matter what I try to run, the file in bolt is always starting first, running and then it stopps without actually running what I need to run.

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the reason is thats the MAIN file so when ever a project is executed only the main xaml is executed

and if we want other xaml in our project and activities in that xaml is to be executed then we need to INVOKE those xaml in the mail xaml using INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity
for more info on this activity

hope this would help you
Cheers @Andrei_Ionita