Run jobs on Orchestrator faulted error: Executor start process failed

Hi All

I am new to orchestrator and am trying to run the process on it, but got an error:

The jobs look like this

My robot looks like this, I just set demo environment, and robot is under the environment, as well as the process

I also input my system password into the robot password part, the Doamin/Username is absolute correct which comes from command: cmd -> whoami

When I start Job, select the process and specific robot “DemoRobot”, then click start, it faulted.

Any idea how to solve this?



Error refers to Unauthorized Access exception. Do you have access to that machine or not?

Thanks for reply, what kind of access do you mean? this is my local desktop robot, I can run it, download package in it before it connect to orchestrator, but do not have access to change settings, which need our system admin’s password.
after it connect to orchestrator, I do cannot download packages in it, does this mean I need admin authority?

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Yes, I guess you need admin rights.


I solved this issue, the problem is, the orche I am using is community version which 2019.7.1, is uncompatible to my studio and robot version 2018.2.6.
Then I update my studio and robot to 2019.4.4, that problem disappear,

But another problem pop up


And in my robot tray, the package cannot be downloaded.

Any idea how to solve that?

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